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Patrick says prepare for serious flooding

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Worcester digging out from two feet of snow

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Drinking, drugs, arrests mar Country Fest concert

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CCTV of police ‘beating’ homeless man in Orange County, California

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John Stossel – Government Schools

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Open Season on Predators

An amazing run on burglars …. and in the liberal paradise of the Pacific northwest , no less .

The tide is turning , the ” sleeping giant ” is awakening .

Posted by John Galt

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Score another for New Media/Blogosphere

The latest wildfire spreading through the media and blogosphere is that armed neo-Nazis are patrolling Sanford, FL, in anticipation of trouble
if George Zimmerman is not charged in the killing of Trayvon Martin. In what has become a prime example of media malpractice, none of the major
publications spreading the rumors bothered to check with local law enforcement. I did, and the Sanford Police deny any indication of neo-Nazi patrols. . . .For The Daily Beast, Huffington Post,Mediaite, and The Daily News to spread such thinly-sourced claims without verification at a time when racial tensions already are high is irresponsible in the extreme.

“Remember when people were saying that if we left news reporting to the blogosphere we’d just get a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors and spin?”

Posted at 6:13 pm by Glenn Reynolds

This was too good to just link to . Professor Reynolds nails it . New media is here to stay and it will rule the day .

Posted by John Galt

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