Big Brother Is Here

  Warrantless cellphone surveillance is becoming more the exception than the rule . This along with the militarization of law enforcement and the average citizen being arrested for merely videoing these alleged “public servants” doing their job should be one thing that unites left and right .
   Where is the outrage ? Could it be that the ACLU , having turned into a tool of the progressive left , has abdicated any real authority when speaking of civil rights ?
   Their selectivity as to which rights they support has rendered them mute or nearly so in the face of this onslaught of Statism .
   Solutions ? I don’t know the answer except to expose , expose , expose . Don’t just watch and shake your head . Get involved . Video the miscreants and send them to me .
   Visit our site and help me get it off the ground . We have designed specifically to facilitate the bringing of sunshine to this creeping Statism . More soon .

Posted by John Galt

Categories: Hope and Change, Law, Nanny State, Politics, Regulation, Statism | Leave a comment

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